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Guildstone Associates academy provides several bespoke courses aimed at individuals who would like to take the next step in their careers and personal development. Our instructors have a long history and vast experience within the private security sector.  Guildstone associates conducts tasks globally for private and corporate clients, this ensure that our instructors who conduct our courses offer the most advanced and up to date information available.

For those who have been in the industry for an extended period, you will know that the security industry in ever changing, and you will need to ensure you are able to adapt to all situations that arise. The elevated risk profile faced by our premier corporate and private clients is complex and evolving. Whether our clients are corporate entities or private individuals this risk profile is impacted by multiple factors including political trends, global events, professional and business relationships, public personas, personal or family wealth, political or campaigning activities.

  • The threats generated by our clients’ profiles are multifaceted and can include:
  • Targeted criminal activity such as assault, theft, blackmail, and fraud
  • Cyber-attacks and ransom attempts
  • Political and campaigning activity led by radicalised groups.
  • Media intrusion and reputational damage
  • Protesters and fixated individuals

The effective mitigation and management of these threats requires the holistic approach from anyone providing their security, this is paramount in your development and our teaching.

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