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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Guildstone offer a number of customised  solutions to meet our clients corporate culture and operational requirements to ensure that they deliver quantifiable capability enhancements.

Our professional Associates have a proven track record understanding the risks and requirements needed to mitigate against any threat.

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Risk Assessments

The Security Risk assessments are the foundation of most of the services we provide. Once we have assessed the clients  security requirements, we will compile a detailed report which will outline the exact process and procedures needed to mitigate the risk.

This report is generally used for insurance purposes and aids with mitigating high insurance premiums.

Key Services

  • Security Risk Assessments and Surveys
  • Security Audits

Our Service

At Guildstone we constantly improve our service and this is aided by the security audits we conduct on current and aspiring clients. The assessments and planning requirements are listed below:

  • Critical Infrastructure Operational Requirements
  • Quality Control Assessments
  • Embedded Security Management
  • Risk Mitigation and Business Resiliency Planning
  • Crisis Management Plannin
  • Physical Penetration Testing

Critical Infrastructure Operational Requirements

Guildstone associates have successfully planned and completed numerous Operational requirements, for a number of critical infrastructure providers. The operational requirement document is advised by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

The document outlines the need for an operational requirement and states that in most cases where an incident has occurred, there was no operational requirement completed. Therefore, showing that planning is everything to ensure you mitigate against your threat.

Quality Control Assessments

Once Guildstone has successfully planned and mitigated against our clients risk, we continue to ensure our services is of the highest standard. We ensure this is by conducting Quality control assessments.

The quality control assessment can be used to assess existing security provisions, that have been deployed by another provider.

This service is often used by new clients that require an impartial view of their security.

Embedded Security Management

Guildstone will complete an assessment of your current security provision and outline our associates findings. We will then confirm the parameters in which we require to manage the current security provision.

Risk Mitigation and Business Resiliency Planning

Crisis Management Planning

Our associates have a vast knowledge and experience in crisis management. This enables Guildstone to provide a service which outlines every eventuality. Guildstone will walk you through the processes in order to mitigate the threat as quickly and safely as possible. This gives our clients the knowledge and confidence in the plan we have produced, allowing them to conduct their personal and business lives as they choose to.

Physical and Digital Penetration Testing

Our clients generally use this solution along with the quality control assessments. This enables  our associates to get a clearer picture of the clients security provision. It outlines if the security provision will stand when a digital or physical intruder attempts to override the security in place.

Physical Penetration Testing

This is conducted by one or a team of Guildstone associates on a property, the size of the property will determine the length of time it will take to complete.

Digital Penetration  Testing

This solution is offered to clients who wish to ensure their Digital infrastructure has the correct fire walls and security provisions. Our technical support associates will conduct this service and often the physical and digital penetration testing coincide. Giving our clients a full picture of their security provision.

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