The Benefits of Close Protection

Whether you’re a high-profile private individual or part of a corporate entity, Close Protection is a security solution you may have considered due to an elevated risk profile.

Factors to consider include political trends, global events, professional and business relationships, public personas, personal or family wealth, political or campaigning activities.

Threats that might require Close Protection as part of a security solution include but are not limited to:

  • Targeted criminal activity such as assault, theft, blackmail, and fraud
  • Cyber-attacks and related ransom attempts
  • Political and campaigning activity led by radicalised groups
  • Media intrusion and reputational damage
  • Protesters and fixated individuals
  • UHNW vulnerable children and adults travelling alone
  • Kidnapping and related ransom attempts

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Executive Protection Solutions

The benefit of working with Guildstone lies in understanding that the effective mitigation and management of these threats requires the holistic approach of a Protective Security Associate whose professional expertise and role far exceeds that of a traditional bodyguard or close protection officer.

Close Protection is a protective security service that can help to form part of an individually tailored and truly holistic risk management solution.

The primary role of a Close Protection Officer (also known as a Protective Security Associate) is to protect the person or persons they are assigned to.

Since its founding within the Black Diamond Group, Guildstone Associates has gained extensive experience in delivering bespoke low-profile close protection and executive protection solutions to a diverse range of premier corporate and private clients.

Close Protection Solutions

A key component of Guildstone’s success in supporting its clients has been its ability to deploy high calibre multiskilled Close Protection Officers (PSAs). Our Protective Security Associates have served in specialist military, law enforcement, and private sector organisations, and are equipped to be able to manage and mitigate the threats they face.

Our Associates, when deployed, will form a key component of clients’ corporate or lifestyle management teams and are therefore individually matched to clients’ professional and lifestyle requirements. This bespoke close protection approach allows our Protective Security Associates to carry out their duties in a discrete, professional manner that enhances client safety.

Protective Security Services

The risk profile faced by Guildstone’s corporate and private clients is both complex and evolving. To assist you in managing your risk profiles our protective security or close protection solutions help mitigate your potential dangers and threats.

Our protective security or close protection solutions are tailored to our clients’ individual requirements. This enables each security strategy or plan or to be amended as the task unfolds.

Key Solutions

  • Executive and personal protection
  • Protective surveillance
  • High value asset and residential security teams
  • Protective tracking
  • Media safety and security teams

Executive and Personal Protection

Our executive protection and personal protection solutions consist of a range of risk mitigation and protective measures to ensure the safety of high status individuals who have a heightened risk profile due to their professional or private status. Threats generated by such profiles are complex and multifaceted, but can include:

  • Targeted criminal activity (assault, theft, blackmail, and fraud)
  • Cyber attacks and ransom attempts
  • Hostile surveillance related to corporate, personal and law-fare disputes
  • Targeting by radicalised and campaigning groups
  • Media intrusion and reputational damage
  • Corporate espionage.
  • Unwanted attention of fixated individuals

The effective mitigation and management of these threats requires the holistic approach of a protective security associate whose professional expertise and role far exceeds that of a traditional bodyguard or close protection officer.

Protective Surveillance

Our protective surveillance solutions can be deployed as a more discrete and less intrusive alternative to our executive protection solutions or as a range of complementary measures. They are often deployed in two scenarios:

  • When a client’s risk profile or preference is aligned with less intrusive covert protective security options
  • When a client has a heightened risk profile and requires an additional layer of protection within an existing executive protection solution

When deployed as a less intrusive covert option, protective security solutions provide clients with the confidence to conduct their activities secure in the knowledge that in the event of any untoward activity, the resources required to protect them are in place and ready to provide assistance at a moment’s notice.

All of Guildstone’s protective surveillance associates are highly skilled in surveillance, countersurveillance and behavioural detection techniques. As part of our assessment process, they are required to provide verifiable evidence of significant operational covert surveillance experience and undergo an in-depth field assessment.

Protective Tracking

Protective tracking solutions are used to track an individual, vehicle or asset via electronic means, and can be used in a number of different scenarios such as:

  • Tracking of children, vulnerable adults, or persons with special needs and conditions like dementia
  • Lone worker safety
  • Tracking individuals who may be visiting unfamiliar or potentially hostile environments
  • Corporate traveller safety
  • Prevention of theft of vehicles or high value items
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Personal safety alarm systems

Guildstone is able to provide a comprehensive selection of tracking options ranging from tracking apps accessible from smart devices, to individually carried or vehicle-mounted cellular or satellite tracking devices.

The key component required to ensure the integrity of these solutions whether they are app or device based is 24/7 monitoring. Dependent upon your preference, this monitoring can be undertaken by our control room, the protective security team assigned to you, or there might be circumstances where clients wish to maintain a high level of internal confidentiality.

High Value Asset and
Residential Security Teams

High value asset and residential security teams protect and secure residents and assets contained within the property or location that they are assigned to. Our residential security teams carry out their duties in line with the Security Layer Principle as detailed below:

The Security Layer Principle

  • Deter – stop or displace an attack
  • Detect – verify an attack and initiate a response
  • Respond – prevent further progress of an attack
  • Delay – prevent an attack from reaching protected persons and assets
  • Mitigate – minimise the consequences of an attack

As with all the strategies provided by Guildstone Associates, our high value asset and residential security solutions are customised to align with client specified parameters and continuously refined to ensure the levels of service expected from Guildstone are maintained.

Media Safety and Security Teams

In a world awash with conflicts both old and new, the role of media organisations often requires the deployment of teams of journalists to conflict zones or outbreaks of hostility within normally stable environments.

The current situation in Ukraine has highlighted the need for these teams to be supported by experienced and competent security and safety specialists. Guildstone’s media security teams are comprised of experienced media security associates who have completed multiple previous deploys to challenging environments.

These associates have the experience to manage the demands that the 24-hour news cycle places upon journalists deployed to a conflict zone and the need to ensure that these journalists operate within acceptable safety parameters. Guildstone’s media safety and security methodology is based upon the following key components:

  • Pre-deployment preparation and planning
  • The deployment of competent and experienced security and remote medical specialists
  • Working with trusted and vetted local resources (fixers, drivers, equipment and accommodation providers)
  • Active crisis management in the event of actual or potential incidents
  • 24/7 support to in-country teams

Our associates are also able to provide in-country briefs and advice to journalists deploying to less challenging risk environments which do not warrant the deployment of in-country support.

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