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Our Consultancy Services are individually tailored to our client’s corporate culture and operational requirements to ensure that they deliver quantifiable capability enhancements.

Provided below is an overview of our core services, which span from conducting security audits for corporate client and private international banks to conducting security assessments for venues planning to hold high profile events. These services are comprehensive, affording our clients a diverse array of options.


  • Security Risk Assessments and Surveys
  • Security Audits
  • Critical Infrastructure Operational Requirements
  • Quality Control Assessments
  • Embedded Security Management
  • Risk Mitigation and Business Resiliency Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Physical Penetration Testing

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Operational Methodology Protective Security Associates

Primary Role

The primary role of a Protective Security Associate is to protect the person or persons they are assigned to (referred to as the Principals) from threats to their person, physical assets such as properties, vehicles etc and intangible assets such as reputation and corporate persona. To do this they need to develop a full understanding of a client’s ethos, values, concerns and aspirations in order to build an individualised risk profile. This risk profile will be used to form the basis of the client risk assessment and security plan.

Method of Operation

To minimise the impact of security and safety concerns upon a Principal’s professional and private activities Guildstone’s Protective Security Associates are trained to carry out their duties in a highly professional but unobtrusive manner. They are trained to ensure the safety of the Principal via the use of specialist behavioural detection, executive protection and counter-surveillance techniques rather than an overt, intimidatory and potentially confrontational security postures.

To the casual observer, they should appear to be acquaintances or colleagues of the Principal rather than an overt contracted security presence.

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