Corporate Investigations

There’s a huge range of reasons why a business might need to work with a corporate investigator. Today’s business environment is far more complex than it was even just ten years ago. From employee theft and industrial espionage to company fraud, a corporate investigator could help you find a resolution to your problem…

What is a Corporate Investigator?

A corporate investigator is quite different to a private investigator. While often the end goal is similar – to uncover the truth and gather evidence, a corporate investigator has a very different set of skills and expertise. Corporate investigators also require knowledge of things like employment and insolvency laws, whereas a private investigator may not have the knowledge of such laws.

Through corporate investigation, the investigator works to uncover threats within the business, both internally and externally. Examples of such threats include malfeasance, embezzlement, financial and physical thefts, industrial espionage and data theft.

At the point of hiring a corporate investigator, you might not be aware of the extent of the threats within your business. In many cases, there are warning signs that may prompt you to open an investigation within your business. These warning signs might include…

  • Missing documents
  • Discrepancies in accounting records
  • Alterations or backdating to documents
  • Unusual transactions
  • Unexplained absences
  • Individuals with large debts within the company

What Types of Investigations can a Corporate Investigator Handle?

The role of a corporate investigator is to help a company mitigate losses or disruption within the company, and to improve their systems moving forward to protect their assets. The type of investigations that a corporate investigator might handle includes…

  • All kinds of corporate fraud
  • Commercial intelligence gathering
  • Espionage allegations
  • Payroll fraud
  • Employee accident claims
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Bribery and corruption
  • General legal support
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Harassment claims
  • Money laundering
  • Competitor profiting
  • Data theft
  • Financial and physical theft
  • Any employee misconduct
  • Employee absences
  • Counterfeit goods

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How do Corporate Investigators Gather Information?

The main goal of any corporate investigation is to uncover the truth. A corporate investigator will work discreetly and confidentially to find all of the information that they need to put together a case that explains exactly what has been going on within the business. In some cases, investigators will work alone, or alongside HR and senior management.

One of the key aspects to any investigation is to ensure that the company’s reputation is not tarnished, that the investigation remains confidential at all stages. While this can be challenging while also uncovering all of the necessary information, an experienced corporate investigator has a very specific set of skills and tools to allow them work discreetly yet efficiently.

An investigator will gather information from within the company, often requesting information from HR as a starting point. In some cases, there might be an employee or a third-party involved. Investigators will use information gathered from physical documents, as well as computers and phones, while also using CCTV footage and hard drive storage if there is any.

Digital forensics, tools and processes are used to gain access to digital evidence, and investigators can even recover deleted information that otherwise may have been lost and could be crucial to the case. In addition, investigators may carry out surveillance and work undercover for intelligence gathering. All of this helps them gain a full picture of the situation and gain evidence to back up any claims made.

When working undercover, an investigator may work within the company, posing as an employee to gain answers from inside. This allows them to get close to other employees, gaining their trust and accessing information that otherwise might have been very difficult to come by, had they not been ‘tipped off’ or trusted with information given verbally by someone within the company.

Why Might a Business Work with a Corporate Investigator?

You might choose to work with a corporate investigator because you are confident that something is going on within the business, but in many cases, it’s just a feeling or a few warning signs that might prompt a business to hire a corporate investigator.

Through working with an investigator, you should end up with a full understanding of what has happened, along with the evidence to prove it. Should you wish, the investigator will also make recommendations to help prevent any future problems from occurring, by providing risk management solutions to implement. This might include upgrading systems, providing further staff training and putting crisis management plans in place.

Today, investigators are skilled at using modern technology along with proven methods to bring any commercial investigation to its very best conclusion. For many businesses, working with a corporate investigator is key to the success and future of the company.

Working with Guildstone for Corporate Investigations

If you are looking into hiring a corporate investigator, at Guildstone we work with the very best in the industry. Our specialist investigators are highly experienced and have a proven track record of uncovering the truth within corporate environments. Skilled in collating evidence and analysing threats, our team will work efficiently and discreetly to provide you with the answers that you need to move forward.

Whether you’re confident there is something taking place within your company that you need to know more about, or you’ve just noticed some warning signs, working with a corporate investigator can help you protect your company’s assets and reputation. From uncovering large scale operations, to helping you outline potential threats and put systems in place, a corporate investigator can help you move forward with confidence.

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