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VIP security chauffeurs and driver bodyguards play an essential role in the protection of high-profile individuals. Far more than just a driver, a close protection agent and a driver’s bodyguard plays a crucial role in any protection team and is highly skilled and trained to ensure that their client is safely transported to their location, arriving on time and travelling comfortably without worry…

What is a Security Chauffeur?

Security Chauffeurs have been used by high-profile people for centuries and the profession can be dated back to the 1800s. Today, a driver’s bodyguard is very different from a normal chauffeur. The role doesn’t just involve driving from A to B and working to a tight schedule, but also ensuring the safety of the person or people that they are transporting. In addition to the security chauffeur, we also offer a close protection agent as part of our service, which is essential to guaranteeing our client’s safety.

Security chauffeurs are highly trained to assess risks and potential treats while on the move. Roads are unpredictable and over time, there has been an increase in crime rates. The role of a security chauffeur is to carefully plan routes, being aware of any threats and putting measures in place to keep their client safe. In addition, they are highly trained to detect possible risks while driving, and to act quickly to avoid any harm or distress to their passengers.

Driver bodyguards & close protection agents offer protection at all times. Safely transporting their client is their main objective, however a lot of training, planning and preparation goes into the job.

Security Driver Protocols

A security driver is far from your everyday chauffeur. Instead, they are highly trained individuals, often with a background in security, or starting their careers as a chauffeur before undertaking further training. Security drivers hold advanced driving qualifications and are trained and licenced in close protection, which results in a unique skillset to provide both transportation and security, while also ensuring their client has a comfortable journey and a VIP experience.

In addition, bodyguard drivers understand that your travel time in many cases can be the only time that you get to sit down all day. Each individual has their own unique needs, and security drivers are trained to work with you to provide a service that suits you, without compromising your safety, while also prioritising your comfort.

Private security drivers may at times be required to work with additional security, other security firms and even the government or police. Our drivers are highly experienced in working with other teams to achieve the best outcome for their clients, becoming part of the planning process to ensure you arrive safely at your location or event.

At Guildstone, your wellbeing and protection are of the utmost importance. Our highly experienced drivers understand how to work with you, while also sticking to your schedule. They ensure you get to where you need to be, travelling comfortably and safely, using your travel time as you choose without judgement or intervention. We have a reputation for offering a first class service while also offering flexibility.

We are also aware of what a positive asset a security driver can be to our clients, making a huge difference to their daily lives. When you work with an experienced and efficient driver, you can win back time, allowing you to focus on the important things. A further benefit of working with a driver bodyguard is the fact that you don’t have to hire two separate services – protection as well as a chauffeur. With a driver bodyguard, both aspects are covered, which can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Confidentiality and Discretion Standards

Due to the nature of the role, a security chauffeur works very closely with their client, often spending hours at a time with them. For many high-profile individuals, travelling is an opportunity to catch up with both personal and professional tasks, and many may conduct telephone calls or similar during their time on the road. In addition, the locations that they are travelling may be extremely private and often includes their home address, or the addresses of loved ones.

For this reason, all driver bodyguards follow strict confidentiality and discretion standards, to ensure the full protection of their client. Great measures are taken to ensure that any information, details and addresses are strictly confidential.

At Guildstone, we have built a reputation for our credibility and confidentiality. Our clients trust us to work very closely with them, allowing them to feel relaxed and at ease in the knowledge that both their personal safety and their privacy are taken care of.

Round-the-Clock Executive Support

In some cases, high-profile individuals need round-the-clock services. From occasional transportation, to a daily security chauffeur on call whenever they are needed, everyone’s needs differ and it’s important that you find a driver bodyguard service that works for you.

At Guildstone, we tailor our services to suit your needs. Offering security chauffeurs & close protection agents that can be available 24/7 should you need them. In addition, we understand the importance of working with the same bodyguard driver wherever possible. In the instance that you require a chauffeur from time to time, we always try our best to provide you with the same driver each time. When you are working with a chauffeur 24/7, we carefully match you with 2-3 drivers that will support you daily, providing you with transportation and protection whenever you need it.

Whether you need a security chauffeur for round-the-clock support, or for occasional events or occasions, at Guildstone we can support your needs. Ready to find the right driver for you? Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

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