The Benefits of High Profile Event Security Support

Our event support is delivered by Protective Security Associates in a low key and unobtrusive manner with the aim of ensuring the safety of our clients and their guests.

Key Services

  • Event management and operational control
  • Behavioural detection and profiling
  • Access control and screening

Delivery Methodology

The highly professional yet unobtrusive operating methodology of our Protective Security Associates is designed to facilitate a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

It is taken as a compliment that in many cases the majority of guests will be unaware of our Associates’ presence at an event.

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Event Management and Operational Control

Like all of our security services, we can provide bespoke and unique solutions tailored to each circumstance and location for high profile events, and we will work with your internal event management team to ensure operational control and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This could include:

  • Security site survey assessments
  • Analysis of floor plans for potential risks
  • Dedicated and highly skilled surveillance associates
  • Executive protection
  • Chauffeuring of VIPs
  • Pre-event preparation such as completing risk assessment
  • Post-event clear-out of attendees
  • Counter surveillance
  • Evacuation planning and execution

These services can be carried out as overt or covert operations.

Behavioural Detection and Profiling

One of the key services we provide at Guildstone Associates is behavioural detection and profiling, and it can be a powerful tool, especially at a high-profile event.

Our Associates are skilled in behavioural detection techniques, which means they are able to observe the characteristics and activities of an entity, whether it is an individual or a group, and determine whether they potentially have hostile intentions or are threatening. All the while, maintaining a covert appearance as to be unnoticed and unobtrusive to guests. This service might include:

  • Identify/detect potential hostile threats and suspicious activity
  • Overt/Covert monitoring
  • Maintain a high-level of service to ensure smooth running of the event
  • Deter potential hostiles and reassure guests
  • Deploy appropriate measures to minimise any potential threats discreetly
  • Continuous evaluation throughout the event

It is our pleasure to ensure that our clients and their guests enjoy the duration of the event and to maintain the feeling of safety and relaxation.

Access Control and Screening

Our Associates will always conduct a site survey prior to the event taking place. Within this survey, our Associate will have concluded the safest and most secure manner in which to conduct access control and screening. The area will have been selected to ensure that it is at the extremes of the buildings/events safe zone or cordon. This should always have been conducted in the outer cordon to ensure the safety of all the attendees and the staff at the event. Guildstone Associates have an array of permanent and temporary solutions available to incorporate within your events security procedures to ensure the safety of your attendees, whilst maintaining the events ambiance.

This can include some of the following:

  • Bag and person searches
  • Temporary/permanent barriers
  • Temporary/permanent crowd management
  • Safe access and egress points

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