No matter the reason, if you are a high profile person, there is an elevated risk involved in your everyday safety. For this reason, you might find it necessary to invest in a personal bodyguard to help you with your daily lifestyle. From work to personal pursuits, a private bodyguard will work closely with you to ensure your safety at all times and throughout all situations…

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What is a Personal Bodyguard?

Over the years, the risk to high profile individuals has become increasingly complex, due to various advances in technology. This makes the role of a personal bodyguard varied and unique, as there are various measures that must be taken to ensure the safety of their client/s at all times.

Today, a close protection bodyguard isn’t just responsible for staying close to their client at all times and being alert to and ready to take action against any possible threats, they also play a crucial role in protecting their clients assets, reputation and personal safety. From planning for events, travel and everyday tasks, to physical protection and protection against cyber attacks, the role of a personal bodyguard is complicated.

Why you should hire a Personal Bodyguard

While London is one of the leading cities in the world when it comes to business and trading, unfortunately the crime rate is high when compared to the rest of the country. In 2022, the overall crime rate in London was 95 crimes per 1,000 people, with the most common crimes being violence and sexual offences. Compared to the UK as a whole, London’s crime rate is 20% higher, and statistics show that this is increasing.

For many high profile people, avoiding London isn’t possible. In fact, you are more likely to live and work in London if you are high profile, which puts you at greater risk. For this reason, a personal bodyguard will become an essential part of your team, working closely with you on a daily basis to ensure your safety.

Our approach…

At Guildstone associates, we are a private client advisory company that offers close protection that focuses on a 360 approach. With a skilled and varied team, we provide full protection across all areas, ensuring there are no gaps within your personal safety.

We carefully match our personal bodyguards to our clients. The primary role of a close protection agent is to protect their client, their assets and their reputation. The only way to do this to the very best of their ability is to develop a full understanding of the client’s lifestyle, values, ethos and aspirations in order to create an individual risk profile. From here a client risk assessment can be carried out and a security plan. Our close protection services can include…

Executive and Personal Protection

Using a range of risk mitigation and protection solutions, our executive and personal protection service ensures the safety of high profile individuals. This can include protection against targeted criminal activity, surveillance, cyber attacks, targeting by radicalised groups, media intrusion, ransom attempts, reputational damage, corporate espionage and unwanted attention.

Protective Surveillance

Protective surveillance is a more discreet alternative to a personal bodyguard. This is a great option if you have a heightened risk profile and require extra protection alongside your existing protection solutions.

Protective Tracking

Protective tracking is carried out using an electronic tracker to ensure the whereabouts of an item, vehicle or person at all times. This could be used to enhance the safety of lone workers, children or for tracking someone when they are visiting unknown territory. In addition, you may use our protective tracking services as an extra measure to prevent theft or for fleet monitoring.

Residential Security

Residential security is a means of protecting your property and assets. We use a security layer principle to first deter, and secondly detect any potential threats. In the instance of a threat, we respond quickly to protect your property, delaying the treat and minimising damage.

Our expertise

As a leading provider of personal bodyguards in London, we have a longstanding reputation for providing highly specialised protection services.

We have been successful in supporting our clients personal safety due to our ability to deploy high calibre multiskilled Protective Security Associates. All of our Security Associates are trained to carry out their duties in a professional but unobtrusive manner, leaving you to get on with your day in the knowledge that you are safe and protected. Many of our personal bodyguards have served in specialist military or law enforcement, and all of them have undergone specialist advanced training.

Providing full protective service, we can support you with your protection needs, whether you require a personal bodyguard for long term assistance, or short term on an upcoming trip to London.

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