There are various reasons why someone might require surveillance services. From gathering evidence to support a court case to simply uncovering the truth, surveillance can help you resolve any issues that you are struggling with in both your personal and professional life.

Why would you need surveillance services?

Surveillance services are used for both personal and corporate cases. For some, simply understanding the truth and gaining a full picture of what’s going on is enough and enables them to move forward with their lives, making decisions based on facts. For others, surveillance is used not just to uncover the full reality of a situation, but also to gain evidence to support a future court case. Here are the main reasons why someone might require surveillance services…

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Legal investigations

As an attorney or legal professional, you might need the support of a surveillance team from time to time, to support your case. A surveillance operative can help you gather further evidence to help you strengthen your court case. Typical cases include family law, civil litigation and personal injury.

Infidelity investigations

Whether you have a feeling that your partner may be being unfaithful, or you are confident that they are and need to gather evidence that proves this, hiring someone for private investigator surveillance will help you find the answers that you need. Surveillance services can help you with infidelity or marital issues and can help you uncover information that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to gain access to.

Employee misconduct

In the instance that you might suspect misconduct within your business, such as fraud, theft or policy violations, surveillance services can help you to fully understand the extent of the issue. In addition, using a private surveillance operative will help you gather crucial evidence that you may require should you need to take your employee to court.

Corporate espionage

If you suspect your business may have fallen victim to corporate espionage, surveillance may help you find out what is going on and gain important evidence. From the theft of trade secrets, intellectual property and proprietary information, working with a surveillance team can help you protect your company, while ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Missing persons

Regardless of who it is that you wish to trace, surveillance can help you locate a missing person. Surveillance might be carried out alongside a police investigation, to further your chances of finding a missing loved one, or can be instructed in the instance that the police either won’t investigate, or have closed a previous case.

Hire a highly trained surveillance team

When working with a surveillance team, it’s important to hire a company with a longstanding reputation for employing highly trained specialist surveillance operatives. At Guildstone Associates, our services are delivered at the highest industry standards. With a focus on delivering a high quality service, delivering on what we have agreed and with full transparency wherever possible, we work with you to bring you the result that you desire.

Our surveillance team is highly experienced and qualified to work discreetly and efficiently, gathering information while following all legal and ethical standards. In addition, we understand that our clients’ reputation is of utmost importance, and we keep this at the centre of our values at all times, working with awareness to protect this at all times.

Our surveillance team has been specifically chosen because of their advanced experience and abilities. Many surveillance operatives have a background in the military or police, working on a wide variety of cases and with a unique and valuable skill set. This allows us to carefully match you with a surveillance operative that will achieve the very best outcome for your case, providing you with the best possible service, based on your own unique needs.

Legal and ethical compliance

During all surveillance work, law, legislation and ethical standards must be strictly adhered to. At Guildstone, we strictly operate within the law and we fully comply with General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR. All of our surveillance agents have a full understanding of the laws and legislations and work within these to gain access to the information that they need. At all stages, we ensure a responsible and lawful approach to our surveillance services.

In addition, professional surveillance needs to be usable from a legal point of view and stand up to any scrutiny in court. This further supports our commitment to ensuring all surveillance work carried out is lawful. Any recordings made, from visual and audio to written, are recorded in a way that ensures that they are suitable for legal purposes and can be used as evidence in court should that be necessary.

Comprehensive surveillance reporting

When choosing a surveillance service, it’s important to take the time to understand exactly what information you will be provided with, to ensure your enquiries are fully satisfied. At Guildstone, we generate detailed reports and conduct thorough analysis based on our surveillance findings. This then provides you with clear, valuable and actionable insights to be able to move forward with your case, whether this be going to court, or deciding on the next steps that are right for you.

As a leading surveillance company in the UK, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced surveillance operatives ready to help you find answers. Whether your case is personal or corporate, our team is on hand to support you in finding the information that you need and providing you with a way forward. Ready to hire a surveillance team? Get in touch

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