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To support our corporate and private clients in managing the complex technological risk environment currently faced by corporate entities and high-profile individuals, Guildstone Associates is able to offer its clients a range of innovative and resilient technical security solutions. These solutions are designed to eliminate and mitigate the impact of current threats and vulnerabilities whilst providing an inbuilt resilience to those that may evolve in the future.

Company Overview

Guildstone Associates is an innovative client focused company that looks to build enduring relationships with our corporate and private clients via the provision of individually tailored and truly holistic risk management and protective security solutions.

Adherence to our core values ensures that we at all times operate to the highest professional standards and that our corporate and private clients can have total confidence that their interests will always be placed at the heart of our operating methodology.

Experience in the Provision of Technical Security Solutions

Guildstone Associates and the wider Black Diamond Group have extensive experience in the delivery of innovative and technically resilient security solutions to major corporate and private clients. This experience has been gained by providing technical support and solutions to major national infrastructure organisations such as Network Rail, principal contractors such as SPL Powerlines and diplomatic entities.

Our Staff – Technical Security Associates

Guildstone’s Technical Security Associates and supporting Black Diamond technical staff are highly skilled professionals who can be relied upon to deliver the highest level of technical support to our clients.

Our Technical Security Associates have many years of experience in their chosen fields of expertise. Many of them gained this experience whilst employed in specialist military and governmental organisations.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Guildstone’s Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) are designed to protect its clients and their infrastructure from electronic, cyber and telecommunications threats to their security

Electronic Countermeasures

Guildstone’s Technical Security Associates are highly skilled in conducting Electronic Sweeps for covert monitoring and tracking devices (bugs and trackers) that may be attempting to access and capture data. These sweeps can take place in offices, residences, hotel accommodation or vehicles.

Covert monitoring and tracking devices are increasingly difficult to detect as they use variable and irregular short burst transmission methodologies. Their detection, therefore, requires the deployment of the latest technology and highly skilled technical professionals with extensive experience within this specialist sphere of operations.

Cyber intrusion and Software Countermeasures

Our cyber intrusion and software countermeasure solutions are designed to address vulnerabilities in fixed line, cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks and software programmes in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal or corporate data. Our associates will undertake a thorough and rigorous assessment of client’s cyber infrastructure in order to advise on the most appropriate and cost-effective intrusion measures, and software countermeasures.

Human Countermeasures

Human countermeasures may be based around security procedures and situational awareness strategies designed to prevent human attempts to access data. Advice on these countermeasures will be given during assessments of a client’s cyber infrastructure

Structural Countermeasures

During the assessment of the client’s cyber infrastructure our associates will also issue recommendations on structural countermeasures and improvements that may be required to counter attempts to access client data. Recommended countermeasures can include electromagnetic shielding, the deployment of intruder detection systems and improvements to physical security structures. These measures may also include periodical physical penetration exercises.

Personal, Vehicle and High Value Asset Tracking and Alarms

Personal Trackers

Guildstone Associates are able to provide our clients with a of range personal tracking devices. These devices are often fitted with a self-activated alarm facility and can be used to monitor individuals such as:

  • High Profile and High Net Worth Individuals
  • Young Adults and Children
  • Vulnerable persons such as individuals with age related, behavioural and dependency issues.
  • At Risk Persons who may be subject to a specific threat
  • Persons visiting unfamiliar or high-risk locations

Vehicle Trackers

Guildstone’s vehicle tracking devices may be used to monitor vehicle locations, driver behaviour, vehicle condition and record camera footage. They can be both active devices, which transmit live data or passive devices, where data is stored and downloaded as required. They may also include alarm, alert, immobilisation, anti-jamming and anti-disabling technologies.

High and Critical Value Asset Trackers

High and Critical Value Assets that have high commercial, financial or personal value can be tracked via a range of Guildstone provided GPS, RFID and barcode technologies.

Electronic Protective Security Systems

Guildstone’s range of Electronic Protective Security Systems are designed to protect our clients, their assets and property against a broad range of threats including unauthorised intrusion, hostile surveillance, criminal activity, fire and infrastructure breakdown. They can be centrally monitored and controlled via integrated security management systems. These systems can be monitored on site or remotely by Guildstone. They can also be interfaced with third party equipment facilitating a full integration capability across a client’s property estate.

Electronic Security and Access Control Systems

Electronic Security and Access Control Systems are a key part of any corporate or residential security strategy that seeks to control and restrict access to a property. They can make use of key cards and fobs, combination codes, biometric and virtual receptionist technologies. These systems provide a record of access attempts and can also be monitored on site or remotely by Guildstone.

Electronic Intruder Detection Systems

Electronic Intruder Detection Systems (IDS) including CCTV, motion activated and audio surveillance systems. Their primary purpose is to detect and identify unauthorised access attempts and allow an appropriate response to be formulated. They can also provide a record of unauthorised access attempts and should therefore meet the required legislative and evidential requirements of the jurisdiction in which they are deployed. Within the UK various national and local regulations will impact on the type of system deployed, its use and the management of any data recorded.

Where a client faces a higher level of threat these systems can be combined with panic and other self-activated alarm systems.

  • Black Diamond Group’s bdeye system is a fully integrated monitored CCTV & alarm system that is able to protect Guildstone’s clients and their assets on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year.

Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Guildstone and Black Diamond Group are able to advise on and arrange for the installation, maintenance and monitoring of fire detection and extinguishing systems. These systems are able to be integrated into site security systems and monitored via an integrated management system.

Lighting Control and Physical Barrier Systems

Guildstone and Black Diamond Group can advise on and arrange for the installation of lighting control and physical barriers such as automatic doors, gates, barriers and security fencing. These systems can also be integrated with other electronic security measures via an integrated management system.

Multi-Network Telecommunications Provision

Private Mobile Radio (PMR) VHF and UHF Radio Networks

Guildstone is able to facilitate the supply or temporary hire of a range of Private Mobile Radio (PMR) solutions in the VHF and UHF bands. UHF radios generally have smaller antennas and are normally a better choice if a client is operating within buildings or urban areas due to UHF Frequency’s shorter wave lengths and greater ability to penetrate concrete and steel structures. VHF Radios generally have larger antennas and are better suited to more rural locations due to VHF Frequencies’ longer wave lengths.

Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC)

Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) is technology that combines the functionality of handheld radios and smartphones in one device. With the global rollout of 5G Technology PoC is being deployed to an ever-greater extent.
PoC offers several advantages over PMR technology such as:

  • PoC is not restricted by licensing regulations.
  • PoC communications nets are only restricted by the extent of cellular coverage rather than traditional PMR network ranges.
  • The lack of PMR range limitations allows national and even global PoC nets to be established.

PoC technology can be deployed via software on a smartphone, specialist PoC radios and combined PMR/PoC radios.

Fixed and Data Networks

Should a client have a requirement Guildstone is able to advise on the installation and maintenance of fixed and data networks including security provision, such as hard firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Command and Control Solutions

To support its clients Guildstone is able to offer the following range of Command, Control and Communications solutions.

  • Onsite monitoring of security and safety systems
  • Remote offsite monitoring and operational support including responding to alarms and alerts, other on-site incidents and equipment malfunctions
  • Fully staffed command and control operations centres
  • Installation and maintenance of operational and control room support infrastructure
  • Record keeping and data compliance services

When deployed Guildstone command and control room staff are able to filter and prioritise information follows allowing client management teams to well informed decisions in emergency and crisis situations.

Guildstone command and control room staff operate to JESIP principles. This allows them to effectively communicate with onsite staff and outside agencies such as the emergency services.


JESIP is used by all UK Emergency Services to deliver an efficient and structured response to emergencies. The Programme observes the following five principles to deliver a jointly agreed working strategy where all parties understand what is going to happen when and by who:




Jointly understand risk

Shared Situational Awareness


Guildstone Associates are able to draw on the full resources of the Black Diamond Group to offer our clients a cost effective way to enhance their security provision with the latest technical capability. When selecting any of our technical security solutions clients will have the confidence that it will be installed and maintained by Black Diamond’s fully trained professional technicians and in the case of our Command and Control Centres staffed by trained and experienced operatives.

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Guildstone Associates Technical Security Solutions Document

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